Harley-Davidson LiveWire: is it a hardly-Davidson?

H-D LiveWire

Everyone is thinking about the future and ways of coping with the pace of modern technologies. Even such conservative and old-school companies like Harley-Davidson, which is producing manly and oily-smelly-burping motorcycles. New era needs new approach and H-D is no exception.

Company isn’t avoiding new trends and developments. Having liquid-cooled V-Rod and introducing new “Street” models, Harley-Davidson doesn’t deny the need of innovation. Therefore, they introduced a completely new project called LiveWire. Built from scratch, fully electric beefy-looking bike was recently introduced to the public in the US to get feedback and reaction of existing and potential customers.

Without getting really deep into tech specs, it’s worth mentioning around 90kms range (in “power mode” it’s down to 53kms), recharging time of around 3,5 hours and top speed of about 150 kmph. So it’s definitely not a tourer or even middle range commuter. However, performance figures are also supported by 0-100 time of 4 seconds.


But who cares about those numbers when you have such a stunning look of pure muscle with some techy touches like LED healight and fully digital instrument panel. Engineers even thought of a more or less noticeable sound accompaniment – just listen to that furious wining!

So what’s this all about one might ask? H-D doesn’t show any intentions of putting LiveWire into production – just a pure marketing project that may (and I’m sure will) have an impact on future models of the company. According to first reviews and impressions, it rides nice, swiftly and pretty robust, especially withing the city limits. Of course it’s only a bunch of prototypes put on a roadshow round the US, but so far most of impressions are pretty positive.

It very possibly might be the first cool electric motorcycle (no offense to Brammo, Zero and others, but LiveWare is really just something else.




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