Android auto: keep your hands on the wheel!

Today at Google I/O conference along with a lot of other interesting stuff a new car platform was presented – Android Auto. Earlier this year Google has founded “Open Automotive Alliance”  which currently connects about 40 makes (cars and parts manufacturers). 25 more are yet to join by the end of 2014.


Just like CarPlay and iOS, the main purpose of the platform is to bring Android experience to your car – navigation, music, messages, calls and so on. System uses smartphone as a primary source of data, delivering information you want at the most suitable moment. To address astonishingly alarming statistics of accidents caused by using phone behind the wheel, functions are optimized for voice control and usage of steering wheel buttons. Voice commands are used as much as possible not to distract the driver.


However, during the keynote, while replying to incoming message, car’s infotainment screen goes totally blank and you’re very likely to miss the next turn.


Still it’s just the beginning of platform’s development and with traditional Google’s SDK there is a plenty of space for improvements and customizations. First models with this system are expected be available by the end of 2014. Looks like hideous and dreadfully slow in-car solutions are seeing their end!


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