Cruise – “affordable” self-driving kit for your car!

Everyone knows about long-lasting efforts of mostly Google and several car manufacturers to create an actually usable self-driving vehicle. Since we have autopilots in airplanes for a quite a while now, similar system for cars requires much more time and resources. And even far from perfect Google vehicles are equipped with gadgets worth around $150 000 – that’s definitely not the price for average Joe. However, there is another option – Cruise.


American startup offers to turn your car into “recreational vehicle” for just $10 000. How is it possible and will it ever going to work? To answer those questions company performed an event to show off its product using several Audi A4s. Cars contain all the necessary equipment – control unit in the trunk, roof-mounted sensor unit with two cameras and a radar, and several actuators to control steering and pedals.

Guys at Cruise are so confident that they’ve already started taking pre-orders with promised RP-1 kit installations to start in the beginning of 2015.

Check out the video of a short test ride below.


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