Affordable Tesla: $35k for mid-sized Model III

You don’t need any explanation about Tesla Motors or Elon Musk. Almost everyone is surprisingly positive and extremely excited about Model S. People can’t wait to see production version of the crossover Model X with its fancy “falcon-wings” and were asking a lot about entry-level Tesla. Now there is a beam of light at the latter.


As expected, Elon Musk shared some information on upcoming small Tesla. It will be called Model III (yeah, there is an explanation why it isn’t Model E, but I found it too boring). Dimensions will be on par with BMW 3-Series, which is considered to be the main rival, and the price tag of around $35,000.


Of course, relatively low (comparing to the flagship Model S) price means lowered costs. And that leads to smaller battery – expected range of up to 320kms. Doesn’t look that impressive like 480kms of Model S, but twice as cheap isn’t two times less range! That will be possible due to Tesla’s Gigafactory project, which will allow significant reduction of battery costs and bring latest technologies of energy storage.

Expect to hear more news later this year and to see one in flesh in 2016.


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