Transport of the future: the hoverbike

An idea of a flying mean of transport is a pretty popular nowadays. Despite the wish of every kid to have a personal jet-pack, we’d rather see more conventional stuff like flying cars… or even motorcycles! It isn’t something futuristic with “mega-plasma-tronic” engine, but the concept of a hoverbike looks really feasible. Of course, it’s still far from perfect by now, but its creator Chris Malloy is working hard to make it true.


For last several years he’s been developing the prototype with two propellers powered by a 1170cc engine from a BMW motorbike. But now Chris came up with a different layout – four rotor-based hoverbike. This scheme has proved to be working on a 1/3 scale model and although you can’t have a flying ride right now, this might happen in the nearest future!

There is a Kickstarter campaign for those who want to get the feeling of transport of the future right now.


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