Time for pure speed: 460+ kmph Hennessey Venom F5

People are always willing to do senseless and ludicrous stuff – to push beyond the limits and to break the record. And speed is one of the most desirable disciplines everyone wants to succeed. McLaren F1 put 386 kmph benchmark in 1998, Bugatti Veyron clocked 407 kmph in 2005 and 431 kmph in 2010. Now US-based company Hennessey Performance is on the way to claim the title of the fastest production car in the world.

Their Venom GT recently hit more than 432 kmph, but the attempt wasn’t classified as record because of the rule of two runs and average trap speed. To secure the second try, they are working on 1400+ hp supercar called Venom F5. Named after tornado classification, project is still based on Lotus Elise chassis and frankly from the behind looks heavily inspired by McLaren P1. That brute force and aerodynamic shape should make possible top speed in excess of 460 kmph.


Official presentation will take place next year with first customer deliveries expected in 2016. Price tag will be higher than current Venom GT’s $1,2 million. Let’s not forget that Bugatti is also working on their next “record-breaking” 1500+ hp machine. High speed battle is about to begin once again!




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