Self-riding motorcycle from Google is ready to be tested

Google doesn’t limit its program of autonomous vehicles just to city cars and crossovers. Recently company has applied for additional permission to test motorcycles and trucks that don’t require a human being in command. Testing ground as in previous cases will be roads of California state in the US.

One of Google’s engineers Antony Lewandowski has already created a riderless bike that can balance itself. The first concept has been built in 2004. In fact, it’s the rider who’s causing problems and instability, so the idea makes sense. Although some people gathered to protest in front of his house in January earlier this year. Partially that happened because of known ties of Lewandowski to military-oriented company Boston Robotics, but nevertheless project development continues.

This is still an early stage, so no info about specs or peculiarities, however we know that Google’s approach to such things is pretty serious.


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