Protected by technology: Tesla Model S is the least-stolen car in USA


Model S received lots of positive reviews and amazing feedback. Everyone seems to love it’s sleek aerodynamic design, futuristic interior with a giant screen in the console and incredible torque delivery. It appears that Model S has yet another trick up on its sleeve – brilliant anti-theft protection!

Car is equipped with tracking device and remote shut down function, on top of that there is a money prize from Tesla for the one who manages to hack Model S’ control system. This all results in amazing rankings – per every 1000 vehicles Tesla has only 0.15 claims of being stolen. Last year the best contenders shared the result of 0.4. Just FYI, the average car has a rate of 3.5 claims per thousand units.

Of course, there are several other factors that helped Model S to achieve this result. Let’s not forget that it’s still relatively new (no demand for spare parts) and its overall quantity is far below something like, let’s say, Toyota Camry or Honda Accord. However, we have to admit that new technologies played a significant part in getting that title.



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