Snail-looking electric motorcycle that will take you on a 200 kms road trip!


With rapid development of electric cars industry one might come up with a question about motorcycles powered by electricity. Is there a “Tesla of the motorbikes”? Sure, there are several companies like Zero and Brammo, but they don’t have any significant market position or industry authority. However, this may give a chance to other players in getting bikers into the world of renewable energy sources. Maybe Johammer?


This Austrian company has designed an electric cruiser called J1 capable of doing 200 kms (about 124 mi) on a single charge. That is quite remarkable because the figure is close to more or less average range of petrol-powered bike. 12,7 kWh battery pack provides the juice and company guarantees it’ll be perfectly fine for 200 000 kms not loosing more than 15% from a fresh battery capacity.


Although that sounds really nice, the first thing people notice is the design of this thing. With some retro notes and lots of futuristic details this slug-looking bike clearly stands out from the crowd. Fancy front suspension and mirror-mounted dashboard are adding points to Johammer’s design skills. There are even two sets of footpegs – one for conventional city use and another cruiser-like for more relaxed position.



It’s definitely not the most powerful bike squeezing 11 kW from its motor, but it’s enough to get a top speed of 120 kph (75 mph).

There are two versions at your disposal – cheaper (only relatively) J1.150 with 8,3 kWh battery (good for 150 kms) will set you up a 23 000 EUR price tag and beefier J1.200 with 12,7 kWh that costs 25 000 EUR. Being an early-adopter has never been cheap, but still it’s another step towards mass-produced electric motorcycle that can rival conventional ones.



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