Autonomous racer: driverless Audi RS7 takes on Hockenheim race track!


Step by step automotive industry goes to autonomous driving. Cruise controls are getting more and more sophisticated with systems like BMW’s “traffic jam assist” and Tesla’s “Autopilot” showing what’s possible even today. Audi has been developing its piloted program for quite a while and now they are ready to show off its track appearance.

Company chose 560 hp RS7 premium hatch to demonstrate its achievements on a Hockenheim race track. Car is equipped with high-precision GPS system, combined with Wi-Fi and high frequency radio allowed to position the vehicle within centimeters of the perfect line taken by in-car 3D cameras.

It’s not the first time Audi is experimenting with “bot-driven” cars. TTS model has conquered Pikes Peak mountain course as well as Thunderhill Raceway in California, where last month company obtained a permit to test its autonomous projects on public roads. Actually Audi became the first car manufacturer to get this permission.

Despite the fact that company hasn’t announced the actual lap time, one can easily spot numbers from the speedometer that read more than 200 kph. Definitely not the fastest lap, but still a dead impressive.


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