260 kph Lotus Evora for paramedics of Dubai – is it really a good idea?

first responder

Last week Dubai Ambulance presented its new vehicle for “First Responder” team – Lotus Evora. Despite being a true sportscar with 276 hp and a top speed of around 260 kph, this car was fully equipped with all the things paramedics need. But some experts say actually that won’t make the situation better, consequences of this move might even create new issues.

The main reason behind using small and fast vehicle is to cut the response time by half comparing to a normal ambulance. That sounds like a good idea – to get to the person in need in just 10 minutes instead of twice as long. However, will that create more problems with paramedics traveling at full throttle and drastically increasing chances of being involved in an accident on the way to another one?

gitex technology week in Dubai

Of course, no one will be doing 260 kph with 60% of the stuff found in a typical ambulance and one can add that paramedics are not race car drivers. But do they need to be? Their goal is to provide help as quickly as possible and being two times faster than average big chunky ambulance is not that big deal. Lighter and more agile Lotus will save a lot of time on just braking and maneuvering.

Yet there is another dispute – does it really matter to cut “First Responders'” times? Several medical studies in the US suggest that in most of the cases if help is provided in under 15 minutes time, a human life will most probably be saved and cutting it down to 7-10 minutes won’t make a lifetime difference. Yet, there are other studies to counter that point of view.

Anyway, it’s a nice PR action for Dubai Ambulance services. Maybe they became a bit jealous when their colleagues from the police department got a whole fleet of supercars and decided to shine a little bit as well. Whether new Lotus will actually help to save more lives – let’s just hope it will.





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