Rogue C6 – high-tech bicycle for advanced commuters


Commuting on a bicycle is getting more and more popular nowadays. There are many reasons for that, but still market doesn’t seem to be saturated with offers of cycles which are taking full advantage of modern level of technologies. Maybe this one has a chance of solving the problem. Meet Rogue C6 – carbon-fiber frame, belt drive and several tricks up on its sleeve.


Its creator, David Lupafya, explains the idea behind the project stating that today most of the people are using for commuting bikes that previously were converted from off-road or track-oriented models to something more useful for short rides round the city. Moreover, high-end components are rather expensive for an average cyclist. Those issues are supposed to be eliminated by designing the perfect commuter bike from the ground up.

Rogue C6 is based on carbon-fiber frame, which tips the scales at 1.7 kg (3.9 lb) only – lighter and much stronger than aluminum equivalent. Belt drive means maintenance-free pedaling and with Shimano Alfine components cyclists will have 8-speed gearbox and proper disk brakes. Of course, different frame sizes and colors are available. And that’s not the end of the story.


Bicycle is equipped with LED lights with a set of 200-lumen bulbs mounted in handlebars and rear lights in the seatpost. It also features its own GPS system – with the help of proprietary app rider gets all necessary route info. Another function of built-in GPS is sending bike’s coordinates in case of steal. Using two-way cellular transmitter the bike can share its position via SMS or in case GPS signal is not available – triangulation by cellular base station with claimed accuracy of 9 meters (30 ft).



Price for all those goddies – $1950. If Kickstarter campaign goes well, first deliveries are expected in April next year.


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