Have a glimpse into the future: Hendo Hover – a real-working hoverboard!

Have you ever thought about having some stuff from a sci-fi movie that actually works? For example, “Back To The Future” – the second edition has plenty of gadgets to dream about. From small items like shoes with electronic laces to flying cars – looked like a proper science fair. But one device that really comes to mind is a hoverboard and it seems that you can get in not to distant future… sort of.


It was created by a team of Greg and Jill Henderson. Their main idea was to skip fans and use magnetic levitation method like one can be found in maglev trains. The system uses resistance of opposed mangetic forces which keeps the object off the surface at the distance of several millimeters. Although it works for hovering a 45 kg board and a rider above the ground and it can even move forwards, but the board will run out of just in just 10 minutes and the range is limited by surface covered in aluminum or copper (just like that copper-covered ramp in the video below).

So far it’s still an early-stage prototype, but the project got a lot of attention and there is a Kickstarter campaign to keep the development pace to spread the technology outside the project.



P.S. There is even a project of a compatible skate park for Hendo Hover!



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