Keanu Reeves will sell you his motorcycle for a hefty $78 000

What do you know about Keanu Reeves, apart from him starring in numerous Hollywood movies and being “Neo” from the legendary trilogy “The Matrix”? It turns out that he is one hell of motorcycle fan. Having a lot of cool bikes in his garage, Keanu decided to create something unique to his taste.


He joined forces with well-known custom builder Gard Hollinger to run Arch Motorcycle Company. So meet their first creation – KRGT-1. As Reeves has long lasting obsession with Norton motorcycles, his idea of a perfect bike lies in the scale of a bit chopper-like body with some sportier elements.


Bike’s engine is a pure brute force – S&S’s 2-litre V-Twin with 122 hp and 165 Nm of torque and mind that those figures are measured at the rear wheel.Manufacturers claim numbers from crankshaft mainly, so when arriving at the wheel there is a 10-15% loss on friction.


All the tech components like brakes and suspension are of the really high grade, but the custom builder’s masterpiece is in body elements and details. Most of the bodywork is made from aluminum with several carbon pieces. Just look at that fuel tank – it alone requires 66 hours of craftsmanship!


And then there is a price. $78k is a huge number for a production bike, but to get almost a custom motorcycle from Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger stuffed with high-tech bits and finished in hand-crafted aluminum – that starts to make sense.



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