It’s alive: flying car that indeed… flies!


An idea of a flying car is not new by any means. There were dozens of efforts to create a transport that combines the best from both worlds – car’s usability an infrastructure and airplane’s free skyways. However, there is not a single commercially successful product. Partially because prototypes can’t really fulfill customers’ expectations in performance and in general just look ugly. Maybe this one has some chances. At least it doesn’t look horrible… and it can fly!


Meet AeroMobil 3.0 – the creation of Slovak company that has been working on it for about 20 years! Although the most significant progress has been done during the last year. And now they are able to show fully-functional prototype, which is claimed to be almost production model. Specs are relatively simple: 2 seats, 160 hp Rotax ICE (internal combustion engine), top speeds – 200+ kph in air and 160+ kph on the ground. Wings are collapsible, but you can’t escape 6 m length, nonetheless it wasn’t designed to be parked in a tight underground lot.



After having performed several tests and, presumably, getting some approvals from authorities, guys from AeroMobil company claim that any licensed pilot should be able to fly it without any issues. Vehicle is equipped with all the stuff you find in a light aircraft including a proper air navigation, emergency and autopilot systems.




There is no word about pricing, but lack of demand and any kind of similar transport on the market put the price tag somewhere in supercars’ range. Anyways, it’s a great effort and a proof that this concept doesn’t have to make children crying just by looking at it.

Check out it first public appearance at Austrian Pioneers Festival.


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