Zelectric Bug: 1960s VW Beetle makes polar bears happy!

Market of electric powered vehicles is constantly growing. Yes, recent decrease in oil prices brought some demand for gas guzzlers, but overall trend is clear – the world goes electric. Nissan’s Leaf is having its record sales, Tesla is getting more and more into people minds and even Harley-Davidson is seriously thinking about electric bike. But what about old cars? Even classics that were created around internal combustion engine can get a second life now. Check out a couple of restored and modified VW Beetles for example!


The pumpkin orange Beetle (codename RedBug #1) was made in 1963 and the black one – in 1966, but now they are fully restored and converted into 100% electric vehicles. The company behind this project is called Zelectric motors. Its man, David Benardo, is a master of this kind of overhaul, not just bringing an old-timer to the museum-like state, but making it eco-friendly and far more funnier to drive.


Thanks to 149 Nm (110 ft lb) engine, which is powered by 22 kWh lithium LiFePO4 battery, the ZeBug can run up to 130 kph (hit 160 kph during a test) with the range of about 130 km. You can drive further if in town and not on the highway. Company claims 12-15 years of battery life, but it can be easily (and costly, of course) changed or upgraded.

The Black Bug is currently on sale and can be yours for about $45 000.


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