A ride from your pants – the belt scooter!

Have you ever dreamed about a mean of transport, which can be always where you actually are? How about a scooter that you can relatively easily wear as a belt? Of course, there might be one or two compromises to be made, but the general idea is pretty clear. Really accessible ride, just don’t loose your pants in the meantime.

It was designed by young Hungarian student Ádám Török in 2013. The guy has a portfolio of interesting stuff, but this one is the best so far. The key to transformation process is a strap. When it’s loosen, the thing is flexible and can be worn around your waist. Tight it up and the belt becomes a scooter – rigid enough to carry a person’s weight. As simple as that. And it gives you a freedom of movement virtually everywhere – any paved or just smooth surface will do the job.

Unfortunately so far there is no information on current state of the project or if it has any future. However the thing looks great in its simplicity and usefulness, so shouldn’t be expensive to produce one.

belt02belt3    belt03 belt2 belt01 belt1 belt7belt6belt5belt4




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