A couple of Nordic beauties: two concept bikes from Husqvarna

First of all, yes, we are aware of recent EICMA 2014 motorcycle exhibition which took place in Milan, Italy. A lot of really cool stuff was presented there and we will talk about premieres over the next two weeks. Let’s begin with something that won’t make it to production line, but nevertheless grabbed the attention – Swedish manufacturer Husqvarna showed a pair of cool concept bikes – named 401 Vitpilen and 401 Svartpilen.

The first one Vitpilen (Swedish for “White Arrow”) is a modern take on 1953 Silverpilen model. A cafe-racer in Swedish minimalistic design looks clean and neat. Futuristic LED headlight sits comfortably with wired wheels and a classic bike stance. One can argue about lack of power from 43 hp 373 cc engine (bike is based on KTM 390 Duke), but keep in mind the weight figure – just 135 kg (297 lb). Featherweight construction and a punchy single cylinder engine promise some great time at twisties. But even in a standstill it’s just a looker.

Husqvarna-401-Vitpilen-Concept-02 Husqvarna-401-Vitpilen-Concept-03 Husqvarna-401-Vitpilen-Concept-04

The dark one Svartpilen (Swedish for “Black Arrow”) goes to scrambler motives. This class in on the rise now and Husqvarna is obliged to use its fame for being a choice of Steve McQueen for a scrambler. As its “white” sibling, Svartpilen in based on 390 Duke from parent KTM company. Bike’s theme is off-road and practicality – knobby tires and lots of storage options are emphasizing its fun factor orientation.

Husqvarna-401-Svartpilen-Concept-01 Husqvarna-401-Svartpilen-Concept-02 Husqvarna-401-Svartpilen-Concept-04 Husqvarna-401-Svartpilen-Concept-07

Although both bikes are concepts, using relatively cheap and tough production base model and positive feedback from media and fans can give a hope to see some production models inspired by this pair.


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