C-1 from Lit Motors: Can it become ultimate personal transport?

When you think about the best way getting around city without using public transport, what’s your choice – a scooter, a bike, some kind of Segway or a good old four-wheeler? How about defining the best possible option? It should be fast enough to keep up with the traffic, so no scooter or Segway (you’re not thinking about using a sidewalk full of people, are you?). It should protect you from unpleasant weather and provide certain level of safety – so no bike or motorcycle. And, of course, it should be small and nimble enough to navigate busy streets – so the car is out too. However, there might be just one more option.


Meet Lit Motors’ C-1 – a weird form of electric motorcycle (because of powertrain and two wheels) combined with high-tech level of safety provided by outer shell and unique system of gyroscopes, which always keeps the vehicle upright straight! Those gyroscopes are capable of withstanding the force by using about 8135 Nm (6000 ft lbs) of torque! You would never have to put your feet down on stops or when entering/exiting the vehicle. Moreover, C-1 is promised to keep vertical position even in a car crash. It also features electric motor to perform usual driving and steer-by-wire control system with car-like steering wheel.


The project has been in development for several years now and recently the company introduced the fourth generation prototype with improved specifications. Previously Lit Motors’ representative was stating the production would begin in March 2014, but the designing process is still going on. Maybe next year?


Total cost of the vehicle is promised to be $24 000. You can reserve yours for $2 500 and get the one from 500-1000 first production units or place $1 000 and wait till the next turn of 1000-10000 units.

Here you can see the prototype in action. Speed is limited to 64 kph (40 mph), although C-1 is capable of 160 kph (100 mph), and training wheels are temporary and just in case.


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