When money is no object: state of the art 300+ hp American motorcycle

Everyone has a dream and when you’re lucky enough your dreams may come true. This Bienville Legacy perfectly matches the dream bike definition – custom made, crazy industrial design and enormous amount of power. An example of sky-high level of craftsmanship, which once again shows the motorcycle can be a pure art if backed up by brilliant mind and a fat bank check.


It was designed by J.T. Nesbitt, who was responsible for many outstanding motorcycle projects, among which the most famous one is shown in the picture above – the Confederate Wraith. His works drew attention of an entrepreneur Jim Jacoby, who has recently sold his business. Jim founded a company called American Design and Master Craft Initiative (ADMCi) and was looking for a guy to help transforming his money into the first real job which would make company’s name. Nesbitt was given all the resources he needed to built three identical bikes for ADMCi and all intellectual property created while producing these bikes will belong to ADMCi as well to use in later projects.


Bienville Legacy utilizes V4 1650 cc engine from American manufacturer Motus. It produces about 185 hp, but that wasn’t enough for Nesbitt. Therefore Rotrex supercharger was added and after tweaks and tuning the bike got 300+ hp powerplant. Bear in mind, this isn’t the most striking part of the motorcycle. Its frame was designed around a big composite leaf spring (that red thing), which goes from steering column to rear swingarm. That gives almost endless progressive damping to bike’s suspension. Several adjusters around the motorcycle allow to change lots of parameters from chain tension to headlight angle. The custom leather seat itself is built on six titanium blades construction.


The Legacy is not designed for mass production. There is a possibility to buy one bike for around $250 000, but you’ll be obliged to take it to several exhibition and promote the company. This steampunk-like motorcycle clearly shows that a crazy enough imagination and a proper backing up can make a really astonishing outcome!

bienville-legacy-jt-nesbitt-admci-6 bienville-legacy-jt-nesbitt-admci-16bienville-legacy-jt-nesbitt-admci-17 bienville-legacy-jt-nesbitt-admci-12


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