Lightning Motorcycles’ LS-218: what do you think 218 stands for?

We’re getting more and more used to an idea that electric powered vehicles are here to change the future and keep icebergs from melting. Tesla has proved electric cars can be fun to drive and genuinely fast (more speaking of acceleration than top speed). However, electric bikes seem like still obtaining that commuter image – nimble, funky, but not that great. May LS-218 be a game-changer?


Let’s get it straight – 218 is a bike’s top speed in miles per hour, which translates into a whopping 350 (!) kph for metric world. This became possible due to usage of latest computing calculations to design the whole bike and of course its 200 hp electric motor. For example, rear swingarm is a 3D-printed piece of aluminum. Surely, the range anxiety factor is still present – you can do up to 160 kms (100 miles) per charge and the number is heavily dependent on your riding style. More fun and more speed just mean less distance you can cover. There will be an option to have a bigger battery than just 12 kWh. 15 kWh pack should extend capabilities to 245 kms (150 miles) and 20 kWh of batteries should be able to withstand almost 300 kms (180 miles) of travel on a single charge.


Although LS-218 is a futuristic electric sport bike, it looks like its more conventional counterparts. That is due to customer demand and expectations. If it was a Tron-like cycle people would not consider it to be a machine they can actually use on the road. That’s why it has appearance of a “normal” motorcycle. Price tag is also from this world – $38 000. Sounds like a lot for a sport bike, but consider it to be a gadget for early adopters and it doesn’t seem that hefty. Should make a perfect match to your Tesla.




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