Toyota will bring its hydrogen “Future” in 2016

Nowadays everybody is talking about electric-powered means of transportation – bicycles, motorcycles, cars and even planes. What do all of them have in common? Right, electric motor and battery pack which keeps the juice. One of the main problem is recharging availability and it time consumption. Toyota on the other hand for quite some time now has been working on electric car powered by fuel cells. And now it seems they’ve come up with a proper name and a time plan for the new model.


It will be called “Mirai” – that stands for “Future” in Japanese. Looks kind of no-brainer really. Yes, they want to show the whole game change importance of newcomer, but still sounds a bit flat. Technical specs are still to be announced, but car’s estimated range on one tank of hydrogen fuel should be about 480 kms (300 miles) and refilling the tank should take around 5 minutes. Sounds nice and easy, but in the real world finding a hydrogen gas station is not an easy job. That is why Toyota is partnering with several companies to build infrastructure for Mirai, primarily in Northeastern part of the US, where it’ll appear earlier in 2015. However, the official market entry is planned on 2016.


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