Salt water powered car Quant: are you nervous, Tesla?

Currently if you are up for buying some kind of eco-friendly car, you have a lot of options. Most of traditional manufacturers have a hybrid or even pure electric-powered model in their line-up. Then there are newcomers with their ambitious projects, which can end up like Fisker, for example. And then there is Tesla. American company has quickly gained attractive customer appeal, but now seems there is going to be a new kid on the block – Quant. Can it become another game changer?


Tesla revolutionized electric car’s image in customers’ minds – stylish, comfortable with a nice blend of traditional automotive stuff and futuristic features. Not long time ago Lichtenstein-based company nanoFLOWcell, responsible for creation of Quant e-Sportlimousine, got official permission to test its prototypes on public roads. And it must be said the prototype looks just gorgeous – luxurious coupe with enough cutting edge styling details to put your jaw to the ground.


The technology behind wasn’t created yesterday. There are two reservoirs with slightly different electrolyte liquids. When they are mixed, a chemical reaction takes place. Its energy then stored in super capacitors, which provide juice to four electric motors. Tech specs are simply astonishing – power output 680 kw (920 hp), max torque – 2900 Nm (2139 ft lbs), 0-100 kph takes just 2.8 seconds, top speed – 350 kph (217.5 mph), range on two separate 200l tanks – 600+ kms (370+ miles)! And all this is done by a 2300 kg (5070 lbs) 5.25 m length, 2.2 m wide and 1,35 m high vehicle.


However, the project is still quite far from production and showrooms. Even with the most optimistic outcome Tesla has basically nothing to worry about because estimated price of e-Sportlimousine is as shocking as its performance specs – $1.7 million.



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