Car gadget: Navdy HUD can improve your smartphone-car integration

A lot of people are almost tied to their phones. Constantly texting and checking notifications may be fine in a safe environment (although it’s arguably social), but some are taking it too far and distractions while driving can be really dangerous. Do you want to stay connected while being responsible driver? Check out a new gadget which will help interacting with your smartphone when you’re at the wheel.

Navdy is a kind of Head-up display which allows controlling your notifications, getting phone calls, providing navigation guidance (through your phone application) and even adjusting audio system if your car’s one has a Bluetooth connectivity. Device can be controlled by gestures thanks to its infrared camera or through voice control, which allows using your phone’s assistant like Siri or Google Now. So to answer a phone call, for example, you just have to swipe left or right to decline it. Voice commands will help with all the stuff your phone is up to – from calls and text messages to navigation and social media comments.

navdy-in-car-hud  navdy-in-car-hud-4

As for the hardware side it’s a high resolution projection display with 5.1 inch wide screen built on dual-core platform and running Android 4.4 OS compatible with phones on iOS 7+ and Android 4.3+. It’s packed with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth with music streaming profile, 3.5mm jack, accelerometer, light sensor and even e-compass. For voice control it’s fitted with a speaker and a microphone. But the big difference here from some similar HUD devices is actual connection to car’s onboard systems. You’re plugging Navdy to OBD II port, which is available almost in any car manufactured not more than 20 years ago. That will give you access to information like speed, fuel economy data, RPMs, voltage of the battery or even tire pressure monitoring if your car has one.


To sum it up, Navdy is different from built-in HUDs made by car manufacturers in the way of interaction and much deeper smartphone integration. Unlike other aftermarket HUDs, it’s connected to car’s onboard computer and can display data from it. So for $299 (only during next several weeks before Christmas and $499 after that) you’re getting definitely interesting device to enhance in-car usage of your smartphone making driving safer and easier.


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