Jaguar Land Rover wants your car to be a big head-up display

Seems like British car manufacturer feels comfortable under the reign of Indian Tata Motors. Some time ago Land Rover showed a concept of “transparent hood” technology, making it easier to navigate a difficult terrain. Now they are planning to enhance driver’s visibility by making monitors out of roof pillars and project images on the windscreen.


The first system utilizes built-in screens in A-pillars (on the left and right sides of the windscreen) to show road picture otherwise blocked by the sheer metal. Outside cameras should react mainly on pedestrians and cyclists crossing the road in front of the vehicle and to draw driver’s attention even more, figures are highlighted in red. When no object is spotted images are still shown during maneuvering in intersections otherwise pillars’ displays are switched off. B-pillars (located between front and rear side doors) also have displays and cameras to show the road image when driver looks over the shoulder when overtaking, for example.

The second feature uses windscreen as a giant display showing navigation directions with a “ghost car” projection and other information, which might be useful during the trip (gas station location, parking space availability etc.). Latter function requires internet connection, but nowadays that doesn’t sound like a problem.


Those are nice and interesting concepts, but unfortunately there is no info on their availability in production models. Nevertheless, Jaguar Land Rover should receive credit for actively researching this sphere. Check out the video for more details.



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