Just let it go: BMW created a system for a car to park on its own

To accommodate the growing amount of cars, cities are getting more car parks, which in their turn are becoming bigger and more complicated. Sometimes it may be a real stress to navigate through a tight one looking for a free space and trying not to hit anything on the way. Seems that BMW has created a solution to this problem.


German car manufacturer claims it has developed a working system which allows the driver to step out of the vehicle in front of a multi-story car park and let the car do the boring and annoying job (unless your favorite movie is FF3: Tokyo Drift). Once you need it again, just let the car know and system will calculate your approximate time of arriving at the spot and navigate the car accordingly. The process can be controlled via smart-watch or presumably any device which is smart enough. Vehicle uses data from four laser scanners and digital plan of the building (interesting where it will have that from). In case of any emergency or an obstacle in the way system will apply brakes to avoid collision. Engineers claim calibration is so precise that car will stop in a couple centimeters from the object.


Currently BMW uses its i3 research vehicle to act as a laboratory rabbit, but the most of model range should be able to handle the feature. Actual process of the system at work will be shown in January at CES 2015 event in Las Vegas, US.




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