Honda tries to protect you from idiots on the road


As technologies are getting more and more sophisticated and integrated in our everyday lives, no one is really surprised that Facebook knows you much better than even your spouse. Moreover, seems that we are not that far from “minority report”-style prediction systems, because Honda has just introduced a cruise control that detects a moron, who is planning to cut in your lane.

Called Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control (i-ACC), system utilizes radar and camera to scan the road ahead and analyze other drivers’ actions to determine where any is going to “make a move”. That became possible thanks to Honda engineers’ years of studying driving habits of European motorists which led to algorithm creation, through which data is analyzed.

The system allows up to 5-seconds “prediction” and when the possibility is spotted, it applies gentle braking with light indicating a possible danger. Then it increases pressure in brake system to establish a safe distance from the vehicle in front. In addition to aforementioned features, i-ACC knows on which side of the road you’re on, so it won’t be a problem for traffic in the UK and Ireland (at first it’ll be available for European market CR-Vs only).

But how will it manage drivers, who are a tad more aggressive than average adequate European motorist?


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