Get yourself a cozy sleep for 85$… in Tesla Model S!


The whole brouhaha about Tesla’s Model S sometimes leads to pretty weird stuff. It doesn’t really make people crazy, but one can assume something like this when coming across airbnb’s listing offering an overnight stay in a “Tesla hotel”. Yes, you’re about to pay 85$ to sleep in the car. Sounds mad, but true – Arizona resident has turned his Model S P85 (should be an inspiration for a price) into a hotel room by just sliding an airbed and adding a couple of electric candles.

But there is more to come! Guests (up to two) are allowed to use owner’s bathroom and kitchen, since they are already locked in his garage. Also they can use car’s climate control and infotainment system with internet access through 17″ dash screen. Check-out time is 8AM since the guy still needs his Tesla to drive to work (can give you a lift for extra fee).

Were you dreaming about Tesla Model S? How about dreaming IN Tesla Model S? A bed for two and garage romance… sounds like a nice St.Valentine’s celebration!





P.S. I guess it may be cheaper to sleep in 60kWh version.


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